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NOAA Boulder Virtual Visits

NOAA Boulder scientists can talk to your group, wherever you are!  

Request a Virtual Visit

Fill out our form and you will be contacted by a member of our Outreach team.  We will accommodate as many groups as we can.  Our scientists are working hard on their research, but they still love to talk to groups about what they are learning and working as a scientist.  Virtual Talks will be about 30 minutes long, with another 10 minutes for Q&A.​

Subjects Covered

Changes in the Environment

Learn about natural events and processes that can change the environment, such as tsunamis, floods, and melting arctic ice.

Measuring Changes in Climate

How do NOAA scientists measure changes in climate? Learn about the many ways, from satellites to weather balloons to drones.

Measuring the Atmosphere

The atmosphere may seem invisible, but it is full of gases and particles. Learn how NOAA scientists measure the air all over the world.


Weather 101 from National Weather Service Forecasters. Have all your weather questions answered.

Working as a Scientist

How do you become a scientist? How much school do you need? What do you do every day? Learn about what it’s like to be a scientist.

Computers in Science

From supercomputers to artificial intelligence, NOAA uses computers in many ways. Learn how computers help scientists.

Space Weather

NOAA Boulder is home to the Space Weather Prediction Center. Learn about solar flares, coronal mass ejections, and how they affect earth.

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