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Put on your scientist hat and take your time to look around at the videos and activities we have prepared for you to see what it would be like to be one of our scientists in these various fields!

Boulder, Colorado

Home of NOAA Boulder
From the floor of the ocean
To the surface of the sun
We protect lives and property
And make forecast systems that deliver solutions
We take the pulse of our planet
And venture into storms
We unravel the chemistry of the atmosphere
And chart the contours of gravity
We create networks
And advance early warning of too much or too little water
We dig deeper
And foster diversity

We are NOAA Boulder, come be BOLD with us!

NOAA Boulder offers free 90 minutes tours of the facility. Within these walls you can let your curiosity run free; like have you ever wondered what it looks like to live on the South Pole, or who should be worried about space weather? Let us show you what life is like here. Think you have what it takes? You can be a scientist for a day through videos, activities, and all things geared at teaching kids all about NOAA Boulder. Teachers if you’re looking for material to help shape the new generation of scientists, we have what you’re looking for. The next generation can meet our team of librarians, forecasters, graphic designers to atmospheric chemists. Discover the diversity of jobs and background of our teams and how you too could work with us one day.

Take a Tour of NOAA Boulder
We offer both public and private tours of our facility.
Learn More
Take a Tour of NOAA Boulder
  1. Tour comments and questions will be answered only by email:
  2. For the weekly public tour, please visit our Sign-Up Page
  3. For all school groups, including K-12 and universities, please email:
  4. For special group tours, please email:
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Do You NOAA?
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to take a trip on a science plane, or what an incident meteorologist does?
Come take a trip through our science and see what you already do, and do not, NOAA.
See What You NOAA
Looking for Something?
Our staff of public affairs and digital media specialists work with news producers, digital and print reporters, photojournalists, videographers, bloggers and others on behalf of NOAA’s diverse scientific mission areas.
NOAA Communications
How to Contact
We also engage the public, stakeholders and partners in the U.S. and abroad through social media and the NOAA website.
See More Information
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Looking for Educational Resources?
NOAA Boulder has a whole library full of educational resources for students and teachers of any age or grade level.
Check It Out