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Kids Corner

Welcome to the Kid’s Corner! Find experiments you can do at home, learn about weather safety, and get answers to your questions from real-life scientists. 

Weather Safety

Learn about severe weather and weather safety.

Ask a Scientist

We asked our scientist to answer all of your questions.

Activities at Home

Hands on activities, coloring books and more to learn at home.

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Sanctuary Sam asks a Scientist

Sam asked a scientist “Why Is Arctic Ice Melting?”
Click on the polar bear to watch the video!

Activities at Home

Looking for Teacher Resources?

Find in-class activities, reading assignments and more on our Teacher Resources Page. 
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Tsunami At Home
Tsunami is a Japanese word meaning harbor wave. Tsunamis can be created by earthquakes, underwater volcanoes,...
Space Weather Fortune Teller
Owlie Skywarn: Help Build a Weather Ready Nation!
Help Build a Weather-Ready Nation!...
Owlie Storms Ahead Book
Learn more about dangerous weather and follow the warnings in this book. They may keep...
Adventures of Owlie and Sanctuary Sam
Welcome to the Adventures of NOAA’s Owlie Skywarn and Sanctuary Sam! This book will highlight numerous...
How the National Weather Service Works
Formerly Titled "The Way Weather Works"...
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8th Grade Science Days

Visit our 8th Grade Science Days page for videos and student activities just for 8th Graders.

Science on a Sphere

Visit NOAA’s free Science on a Sphere app with hundreds of datasets.



Boulder Bobcat on Weather Safety

The NOAA Boulder Bobcat just loves weather. Maybe you do too? Severe weather can be fun to look at, like a storm with a lot of lightning, or a tornado. But severe weather can also be dangerous. Learn more about weather and how to be safe with Snowy.

More Science Resources for Kids

Find more activities, websites, podcasts, apps and more from our partners. 

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NOAA Art Contest Winners

Say a little about the art contest. 

What would you like to learn about?

Our Scientists love to talk to kids about their research! Send us an email to ask your questions.